Donors Needed for White Blood Cells

To All Our Houston Acquaintances and Friends:

In 2011, Mary, Jacob and I moved to Houston, TX from our hometown of Thibodaux, LA. It was not by choice. It was of necessity. We left behind our three oldest children, my business and our comfort zone in living in a small, tightly knit, supportive community. Mary was in need of the best heart care available. Mary certainly received what we were seeking at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital. St. Luke’s treated her heart failure for six years all the way to receiving a heart transplant on March 1, 2013. We could not have had a better experience in Mary’s medical needs. We are forever grateful to St. Luke’s.

What we did not realize when we made the decision to move to Houston was the kindness we would receive from the Houston we experienced. Jacob was welcomed into St. Anne’s Catholic School. He was immediately included in activities supported by the school. He met some awesome friends he continues to communicate with and visit after we moved back to Thibodaux after Mary’s heart transplant. Mary was an active participant in Bible study and prayer groups at St. Anne’s and St. Vincent DePaul. She was received with love and prayerful support. When we received the call regarding Mary’s heart transplant, many of the women Mary routinely shared prayerful time with were in the waiting room with food and support for our family. We prayed together that night for her well-being and all involved in her surgery.  Mary cherishes those relationships which were built. Thibodaux and Houston will forever have a connection with our family by the Grace of God.

Joe Fakier is a patient at MD Anderson from Thibodaux, LA. Joe is a father and grandfather, friend and neighbor to our Thibodaux community. He has Leukemia. He is currently at MD Anderson and is in serious need of white blood cells. He needs to find potential donors who can go to MD Anderson and be tested in short order. Therefore, I am reaching out to all our friends in Houston or with Houston connections to consider helping Joe and his family. I realize this is a personal decision. However, my goal is for this message to be shared so it will reach as many people as possible in hopes those who are willing to be considered may have the opportunity to make a difference. You may contact MD Anderson to understand the process based on the information attached for a possible match and the time commitment necessary (please see the links below for more information). Houston brought professional and prayerful support to our family in our time of need and I am prayerfully hopeful it will make a difference in Joe’s battle. Thank you in advance!

David Duplantis


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