Landscape Architectural Project Manager

Landscape Architectural Project Manager (PLA and LA Intern)



The Project Manager is responsible for the overall supervision of commercial, retail, municipal, and various other landscape architectural design projects. The underlying focus of the Project Manager should be providing the utmost satisfaction to the client via ensuring projects are functional, aesthetically pleasing, code compliant, completed within the allocated period of time and within the budget that has been assigned.


The Project Manager is expected to operate under a certain degree of autonomy using the staff and resources allocated to them to provide top quality service to the client. The Project Manager is directly accountable to a Senior Project Manager and ultimately accountable to Business Unit Leader. The Project Manager is required to maintain strong client relationships, meet project financial goals, and ensure the project team is providing high levels of client service and satisfaction.



The specific responsibilities of the Project Manager include, but are not limited to, the following:


Bidding and Permitting

Construction Administration


Duplantis Design Group affords advancement opportunities to all employees in an effort to continue our growth and success.


This position requires a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture. The applicant should have exceptional communication skills, exhibit great attention to detail, and be capable of managing multiple projects and multiple team members.

Experience in the landscape architectural field and professional licensure (PLA) are desired as these items will be considered when determining compensation and level of responsibility.

Entry level Project Manager Positions (Assistant Project Manager) may be available to applicants with minimal experience.