Bayou Country Children’s Museum

DDG has been a partner of the Bayou Country Children’s Museum (BCCM) since 2001. Our involvement early on was as a steward to the local community to assist in site selection, program development, and fundraising. In 2009, BCCM contracted with DDG to provide full design services for the new museum. DDG worked in conjunction with the museum board and exhibit designer, Jay Paulus Design, to develop the bayou theme of the museum. The building is located within Acadia Plantation Subdivision (Tradition Neighborhood Development) in Thibodaux, LA. DDG worked with Acadia officials to design a building in compliance with the TND architectural requirements. The building is 12,700 square feet with a pile-supported foundation, steel structure, metal stud framing, and brick veneer. Building construction was completed at the end of 2012, and DDG coordinated the permit approval and construction of the exhibits for a September 2012 grand opening. The BCCM includes nine galleries with over 35 custom exhibits.

Project Details

Thibodaux, LA
Bayou Country Children's Museum
Architecture Civil Engineering
12,500 SF
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