Downtown Broussard Enhancements

DDG is proud to work with the City of Broussard and provide professional design services to bring their 2018 Main Street Corridor Master Plan to life. Beginning in early 2019, the City began its efforts in revitalizing Broussard’s historic downtown by investing capital funds in street improvements, subsurface drainage, on-street parking, sidewalks, a 10’ wide multi-use pedestrian/bike path, and associated landscaping and lighting along Main Street from South Bernard to Albertsons Parkway in multiple phases. DDG also assisted the City with securing grant opportunities to aid with funding of the project.

This project entails 3 phases for improvements to Main Street (Former LA HWY 182) in Broussard, LA.  Improvements are based upon the conceptual plan laid out in the City of Broussard’s Envision Downtown Broussard document.

Phase 1: South Bernard Road to Clara Street

Construction of sub-surface drainage and a 10’ wide multi-use pedestrian/bicycle path paralleling Main Street. Includes construction of a gateway kiosk to the City of Broussard, landscaping and landscape lighting to highlight the historic live oaks lining the Main Street entrance to the City of Broussard.

Phase 2: Clara Street to St. Deporres Street

Re-construction of Main Street through downtown Broussard to incorporate sub-surface drainage improvements, an extension of the 10’ wide multi-use path from the Phase 1 project, on-street parking, sidewalks, and decorative street lighting to re-vitalize the downtown area.

Phase 3: St. Deporres Street to Alberston’s Parkway

Re-construction of Main Street to include parallel sidewalk, sub-surface drainage, and extension of the Multi-use path from the downtown area to Albertson’s Parkway.


Check out the Full Master Plan here -> Downtown Broussard Master Plan


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