Grand Canard Mitigation Bank Hydro Study

The goal of Grand Canard Mitigation Bank – Phase I is the cumulative re-establishment, rehabilitation, and enhancement of 247.2 acres of swamp, bottomland hardwood, and emergent freshwater wetlands of which approximately 3.0 acres will remain as open water and non-mitigation land which will be comprised of remnants of spoil levee and the access road. DDG is providing design services to construct a water control system that will optimize the mitigation bank’s hydrology. Data collection activities include collection and processing of monitoring data from five (5) HOBO Water Level Loggers throughout the site and surveying topography, bathymetry, and the five (5) HOBOs. Topography and bathymetric survey was taken with refined resolution along the perimeter of Phase I to accurately replicate the geometry of the spoil levees including gaps which allow water to flood in and drain out. A 2D hydrodynamic model of the mitigation bank was developed and calibrated based on the survey data and measured water level data. The model will be utilized to simulate design alternatives of the water control structure. Once a final design has been determined, DDG will optionally prepare design plans and final construction documents for the structure as well as provide construction administration.

Project Details

Jefferson Davis Parish, LA
Resource Environmental Solutions, LLC
Surveying Civil Engineering Coastal & Water Resources Engineering
250 Acres
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