Lafayette Consolidated Government Drainage Initiative

As part of the Lafayette Consolidated Government’s Drainage Initiative borne out of the 2016 floods in South Louisiana, DDG was tasked with providing surveying services for detailed topographic/cross section/normal water surface surveys for four (4) drainage laterals within the boundaries of Lafayette Parish. These were IVC Lateral 4a Upper, IVC Lateral 11, Lateral 4a Anselm Coulee and Queue De Tortue Lateral No. 6. In addition, to cross sections along the channel alignments, this entailed locations (horizontal and vertical) of existing lateral drains and roadway crossings with the survey reaches. In addition to performing the field surveys, DDG personnel processed the field data with QA/QC oversight and review and provided the LCG with the resulting digital data in the format required for LCG personnel to perform the in-house design for the proposed channel improvements.

Project Details

Lafayette, LA
Lafayette Consolidated Government
Land Surveying
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