Land Use and Transportation Study

DDG worked with the New Orleans Regional Planning Commission in coordination with St. John the Baptist Parish on the Land Use and Transportation Study: East LaPlace Sub-Area Analysis. DDG will be responsible for the civil engineering, landscape architecture, and master planning work necessary for conducting a comprehensive review of land use and transportation conditions in the above study area. Our sub-consultant Urban Systems, Inc. will be responsible for collecting and analyzing traffic and related data. DDG will then recommend new or improved policies to enhance traffic circulation, walkability and ADA accessibility, and safety for all transportation modes including the consideration of alternative means of transportation, i.e. bicycle / pedestrian use, new sidewalks, ADA access improvements to schools and recreation areas and public facilities, and low cost traffic management measures such as parking and signage controls, complete street policies, and natural based storm-water solutions.

Project Details

LaPlace, LA
New Orleans Regional Planning Commission
Landscape Architecture Civil Engineering
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