Morganfield Master Drainage Plan

The MorganField Development is a large-scale mixed-used development (residential and commercial) that is expected to encompass over 2,000 acres in the East McNeese Street Basin in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. The development extends from just north of East McNeese Street to Louisiana Hwy 14 to the south and from Corbina Road east to Louisiana Hwy 397 (East Ward Line Road). The proposed development lies in the headwaters of the Kayouchee Coulee and Black Bayou Basins, both of which are sub-basins of the larger East McNeese Street Basin. With multiple development phases, the intent of the MDP is to address how a system of integrated stormwater features (detention ponds, channels, hydraulic structures, etc.) function to prevent increases in flooding both within the boundaries of the development and in receiving waters downstream. Knowledge of the how the complete system functions will inform the phasing and construction of individual stormwater features over time.

DDG is preparing the master drainage plan based on an unsteady HEC-RAS model that was developed for the larger East McNeese Street Basin. This model was updated to represent existing condition and various alternatives were evaluated to develop a drainage plan that meets both the client design criteria and local ordinance requirements. DDG worked with the Calcasieu Police Jury (CPPJ), the City of Lake Charles (City), and the Gravity Drainage District to demonstrate how a larger, regional stormwater plan and system offsets the need for smaller individual detention. Upon development, the MDP will ensure that water surface elevations at all locations with the project area are at or lower than existing conditions.

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Calcasieu Parish, LA
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