Peebles Coulee Flood Study and Map Amendment

DDG was retained by Hutton to support the redevelopment of an existing building and shopping center located at the corner of South Lewis Avenue and E. Admiral Doyle Drive in New Iberia, Louisiana. Portions of the project site are located within a FEMA Special Flood Hazard Zone (Zone A), which are studied by approximate methods and do not include a base flood elevation (BFE), the 100-year water surface elevation. To support the redevelopment of the site, DDG prepared a flood study to establish the BFE in coordination with FEMA.

The following tasks were conducted to establish the BFE on a tributary to Peebles Coulee which drains into Commercial Canal and eventually in Vermilion Bay:

• Data collection, analysis of existing flood studies, and coordination with the City of New Iberia, Iberia Parish, and FEMA
• Survey and field reconnaissance to obtain channel topography and hydraulic structure data
• HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS model development
• Flood study report preparation
• Submission and approval of Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) to establish flood boundaries and BFE for the previously unmapped area

Project Details

New Iberia, LA
Civil Engineering Flood Risk Mapping H&H Modeling
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