Port Fourchon Recreational & Coastal Wetlands Park

The Greater Lafourche Port Commission (GLPC) is completing a 101-acre mitigation of a coastal open water area into a viable coastal marsh estuary. The mitigation includes the development of +/- 6,850 linear feet of a tidal creek to allow for tidal inundation that will create a thriving natural coastal habitat of vegetation and fisheries. The vision of this project is to demonstrate that nature and commerce can not only co-exist, but create an opportunity for both to thrive. Duplantis Design Group has developed a Master Plan for GLPC for the inclusion of walking trails, boardwalks, a look-out tower and pedestal-mounted viewfinders, outdoor classrooms, interpretative signage on flora and fauna of the area, day camping, picnic pavilions and paddling trails with a paddle launch that will allow for a recreational aspect like no other. This proposed park will help advance the Rue La Fourche vision of cultural connectivity throughout the community.

This mitigation and recreational creation project is within sight of one of the largest US ports, Port Fourchon. Responsible for service to 90% of the Gulf of Mexico’s deepwater oil production, Port Fourchon furnishes about 18% of the entire US Oil Supply. The Gulf of Mexico alone provides the US with about one-fifth of its domestic oil supply, of which 80% comes from deepwater production. In FY 2015, the total reported revenues collected by the US Department of the Interior were approximately $12 billion, over half of which came from mineral lease revenues in offshore waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

Project Details

Port Fouchon, LA
Great Lafourche Port Commission
Landscape Architecture Civil Engineering Coastal Engineering Architecture
43 Acres
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