River Chase Drive

River Chase Drive included a roundabout that was routed from the south side of Brewster Road to approximately 1,200 linear feet south. The north portion of the roadway was designed as a two-lane divided roadway whereas the southern portion was an undivided two-lane road. The purpose of the road was to connect a future 200 plus lot residential subdivision to Brewster Road and to provide several key access points to undeveloped portions of the River Chase Development.

Part of DDG’s scope of work included permitting the plans for construction, as well as soliciting plans for bids to various contractors. DDG performed various site inspections, reviewed testing reports, and advised of testing results that did not meet project specifications. Other improvements included in the roadway design plans were public water lines, sanitary sewer lines, and a lift station for future developments.

Project Details

Covington, LA
Stirling Properties
Civil Engineering
1,200 Linear Feet
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