St. Martin Parish Drainage Improvements

As a function of St. Martin Parish’s continued effort to support drainage improvements required as identified in the flood of 2016, DDG’s surveying team has completed the topographic survey of approximately 13 miles of drainage pathways spanning from Bayou Teche to Leed Champagne Road.  This data collection included areas of culverts, open channels, bulkheads and numerous tributary channel interfaces with the main coulee.  Because the majority of the project area was identified as Jurisdictional Areas by the USACE, addition topographic information was collected to support not only the design but also the required exhibit preparation needed to support USACE permitting efforts.   In addition to the collection of standard topographic information to be utilized in the design of drainage improvements for the system, the surveying scope also included the preparation of right-of-way plats and servitude agreements to be used by the Parish to acquire the required ROWs

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