W-14 Basin Drainage Improvements

In conjunction with the development of the Summit Fremaux project, DDG developed and prepared a comprehensive HEC-HMS drainage study for the W-14 Basin in order to address the drainage impacts and concerns. The recommendation of the study resulted in the widening with the W-14 Canal to a 40 foot wide bottom with 3:1 slopes for a length of 6,700 linear feet. In addition, the relocation and upgrades made to the Lakewood Ditch consisted of modeling several alternatives of box culvert crossings in order to minimize the head losses through the system. In addition to the W-14 widening improvements, the scope of the project also involved the construction of approximately 9,700 linear feet of 10 inch diameter waterline and aerial crossing along the west side of Summit Boulevard. Furthermore, the project consisted of approximately 6,700 linear feet of 10 inch diameter gravity sewer lines, sewer lift station, and encasing approximately 120 linear feet of an existing 18 inch diameter gravity line. This project was funded through the CDBG program.

Project Details

Slidell, LA
City of Slidell
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