Jefferson Parish, LA

Churchill Technology and Business Park

In addition to civil engineering and master planning, DDG also provided wetland delineation services of the approximately 435-acre site in Westwego, Louisiana, for submittal to the Army Corps of Engineers for the issuance of an Approved Jurisdictional Determination. This master plan is intended to serve as a guide to the effective development of the Churchill Park site so that it is done in a way that both utilizes the land in the most efficient way and supports the goals and target industries of Jefferson EDGE 2020.

In that light, the master plan is built on the fundamental objectives of the design concept: to become the heart and soul of Fairfield, to create a gateway to nature and connection to the environment, and to provide a flexible network for future development. The design of the master plan works with the assets and investments already on the site to capitalize on this activity to build a sense of place and center of energy in the near term, while looking far down the road to plan for the potential of the 480 acres. Several key open spaces anchor the development, providing opportunity for public events, informal gathering, and recreation for park users. Portions of these public spaces also function as key green infrastructure elements, providing stormwater treatment and storage while creating major public amenities. These open spaces are stitched together with a system of green streets and pedestrian connections that come together to form a greenspace network that traverses the district.