Local knowledge and passion matter. No one knows and understands coastal Louisiana better than the people who live and work here. DDG has been operating in South Louisiana for over 20 years and is experienced with numerous coastal projects. DDG is committed to the livelihood of Louisiana’s coast and has extensive knowledge of the State of Louisiana’s terrain, coastline, wildlife and fisheries, and other driving economic factors. DDG’S internal team of coastal experts has over fifty years of combined experience, many of which were in direct alignment with various agencies responsible for the protection of Louisiana’s coastline. Since the inception of DDG’S Coastal Division in 2013, the firm’s team has successfully designed over 4,000 acres of marsh creation projects and has worked on an abundance of drainage projects benefiting thousands of homes and families throughout Louisiana.

Services Provided
  • Marsh Creation
  • Stormwater Management
  • Flood Risk Reduction
  • Watershed Management
  • Project Management
  • Master Planning
  • Construction Administration
  • Modeling + Mapping
Featured Coastal Engineering Projects

From a singular project to scale, the natural evolution of our work is always informed by our promise - to enhance the places we live, work and play.