Terrebonne Parish, LA

Houma Heights Master Plan

The design goal of this Master Plan is to; provide a park that reflects the community’s needs and requests, to activate the space by enticing visitors to use the park, to provide an inclusive recreation space for promoting community wellness, to provide spaces for social interactions, and to connect visitors with nature by enhancing the natural environment.

The master plan of Houma Heights Park was the result of a collaborative effort between the community, stakeholders, and DDG’s team of landscape architects and designers. Programming considerations included addressing local and residential concerns, park safety, and providing a range of recreational opportunities for park visitors of all ages. Amenity and recreation placement reflect the park’s unique location which is flanked by Bayou Terrebonne on one side and a street on the other, and below an overpass bridge that connects to a large medical community. An effort was made to provide scenic views of Bayou Terrebonne and the Intracoastal Waterway and tie recreational activities to the water, thereby highlighting the community’s unique lifestyle and relationship with this major waterway. Another consideration was the location of select exercise activities where the overpass bridge connects to the park. This will provide a destination site for the many medical facility workers and public at large who walk along the bridge. The Master Plan also includes more traditional park venues and recreational activities, to include the first dog park in Terrebonne Parish, open community gathering spaces, playgrounds, skate boarding, and the beautification of green space.