Gray, LA

Houma’s Visitor Center

Located at the exchange of Louisiana Highway 24 and Louisiana Highway 90, the Visitor’s Center building casts an impressive architectural form. With ample ambient light provided by the Northern-facing expanse of glass, the generous roof shields the exhibit space from direct sunlight via a large tree-like structural element. Drawing upon the native and surrounding culture, silver and copper scale-clad exterior walls bring forth visions of fish typically found in the estuaries of Terrebonne Parish. 

Again, drawing upon the surrounding deep southern culture, oyster-filled gabion walls are used to create an entryway for patrons which then leads the way into the large, open exhibition area. Once inside, visitors are invited to meander through the displays and interact with numerous kiosks which detail the parish’s rich history, making note various remarkable points of interest and places to visit within Terrebonne Parish. Here is where the facility provides both permanent and temporary exhibition spaces in addition to spacious conferencing and gathering areas. Throughout the building, visitors are treated to numerous architectural elements which add elements of whimsy and character to the facility, such as the pirogue sinks found within the restrooms. The adjacent visitor’s center was recently renovated to include an elevator, offices upon the second level, as well as other interior modifications.