Iberville Parish, LA

Iberville Railyard / Bayou Paul Cross Sections

National Property Holdings (NPH) is completing feasibility efforts for 400-acre property in Iberville Parish for a railroad service development. DDG’s Survey Team subdivided the original +/- 5000-acre Manchac Plantation into four parcels, one of which NPH is planning to use for their railroad development. The survey team used the original GLO plats and subsequent re-surveys to retrace the original arpent tracts that comprise the entire plantation. This project included the use of a single frequency echo sounder, robotic total stations and terrestrial lidar to map the canal bottom and banks to produce a 3D surface for drainage modeling. Trimble RTK was used for positioning in conjunction with a Seafloor sonarmite echosounder mounted to a 14’ flat boat to complete the survey of Bayou Paul.