St. Bernard Parish, LA

Lake Borgne Marsh Creation

The Lake Borne Marsh Creation (LBMC) Project Increment One is one of six projects selected through the Natural Resources Damage Assessment (NRDA) process to restore injuries associated with the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. As outlined in the Final Restoration Plan dated January 2017 prepared by the Louisiana Trustee Implementation Group (TIG), the Plan focuses on the implementation of the large-scale marsh creation projects due to the immediate benefits to coastal habitats directly impacted by the oil spill.

This specific project is anticipated to create approximately 2,703 acres of marsh with an construction budget of $62M. When completed, the project will represent one of the largest marsh creation projects to be implemented by the CPRA to date. Borrow material for the marsh creation is expected to be obtained from Lake Borgne; however, an evaluation of borrow material from the Mississippi River, as well as Mobile Sanfs will also be conducted as part of this project. The marsh creation area will extend from the eastern shore of the Bayou Yscloskey approximately 4.3 miles to the east toward Lena Lagoon.

As the lead engineer and project manager, DDG is coordinating all data collection activities including topographic, bathymetric, magnetometer, and side-scan survey; geotechnical data collection, and environmental data collection analysis to define the marsh creation borrow and fill areas, prepare detailed designs and cost estimates, obtain all required regulatory permits, and support bidding services.

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