Plaquemines Parish, LA

Spanish Pass Marsh Creation

The Spanish Pass project is located near Venice in Plaquemines Parish. Its primary goal is the creation and nourishment of approximately 132 acres of historic ridge and nearly 1,700 acres of marsh. The LA TIG plan approves funding for project construction, engineering and design, operations and maintenance, and monitoring and adaptive management. The estimated cost is approximately $100.3 million.

For this project, DDG outfitted multiple boats with different equipment. For the borrow area and dredge pipeline, DDG utilized a 24’ Scully equipped with an Odom Echotrac, Geometrics GA-882 Cesium Magnetometer, PosMv with an Applanix IMU, and Hypack2020. In the fill area a different approach was required due to shallow water and broken marsh. In the shallow water, DDG outfitted a 20’ shallow draft boat with an R12i and Geometrics GA-882 Mag to perform topographic and magnetometer surveys, in the broken marsh the field crews used a similar setup outfitted in a 16’ Robichaux Air boat. Once data was collected, technicians utilized Trimble Business Center, Civil 3D, Hypack2020, Excel, and ArcGis to process and produce deliverable to the LASARD standard.