St. Tammany Parish Parish, LA

St. Tammany Parish Government Projects

Our team has completed many projects for St. Tammany Parish Government. Our knowledge of the Parish’s infrastructure is invaluable and incomparable. Below is a snapshot of some of our most notable projects in St. Tammany Parish Government.

Lower W-15 Basin Waterway Improvements 

45-acre regional detention pond which provides 324 acre-feet of storage volume, cleaning, and widening of approximately 3 miles of the W-15 Canal. This project accomplishes two objectives: reducing peak run-off downstream and increases conveyance capacity. These elements effectively reduce water surface elevations and impacts to the structures along the W-15 basin. DDG provided engineering design, permitting, preparation of bid documents, and construction inspection.

W-14 Drainage Improvements + Fritchie Marsh Hydrologic Restoration 

Due to increases in land development, insufficient stormwater conveyance systems, and worsening tall water conditions for to sea levels to rise, there are significant drainage problems within the W-14 Basin. DDG worked with STPG to obtain HMGP grant funding to reduce the risk of flooding while simultaneously reducing the marsh less rates in the Fritchie Marsh.

St. Tammany Parish Watershed Management Study 

DDG led a flood risk assessment of St. Tammany Parish’s waterways as part of a comprehensive watershed management study. The analysis completed by DDG found that 13 different sites needed drainage improvements. Concepts were developed that totaled more than 5,000 acre-feet of storage. Conceptual designs, cost estimates, and flood risk reduction estimates were prepared for each site.

Flood Risk Awareness Study 

Following the extreme flooding that occurred in March and August of 2016, St. Tammany Parish identified the need for regional drainage improvements. DDG has provided planning and modeling services to improve flood risk awareness and reduce flood risk in the Tchefuncte River Basin. A 2D HEC-RAS existing model was significantly improved and calibrated for multiple events.

Doubloon Bayou Water Level Monitoring 

To measure the flow of water exiting Doubloon Bayou, DDG installed, surveyed, and monitored six (6) water level loggers for four (4) months to clarify flow characteristics in the W-15 drainage basin. DDG process and analyzed data collected to prepare a technical memorandum of the results from the flow study to be provided to St. Tammany Parish.